Aimpoint vs. Eotech

Both these electronic target finders are famous in their own right and are market leaders. Therefore, it is quite natural that there would be an unending debate about which one is better than the other. And, it is also quite natural that users of either brand would be very loyal and would hardly, if ever, alter their preferences. Aimpoint is the chosen option for US military but that in itself should not give it a head start over Eotech as a real connoisseur would pore of product details and usability before making a choice.

Aimpoint gadgets are more durable and are able to function flawlessly even in extreme conditions. This makes them an obvious choice for those that use their guns in a more rugged manner. Moreover,

Aimpoint gadgets can be easily mounted or dismounted from the barrel of a gun as it is just a matter of turning a single knob.

The design of Aimpoint is more to many users who are not quite comfortable with the bulky, square box type design of Eotech. The other big issue where Aimpoint scores over Eotech is while the latter requires at least two fingers to operate its dual on/off switch thus making it that much difficult to do while keeping the gun steadily aimed at the target, the former has a single knob to do all the tasks.

Though it might not be that great an issue but lack of lens covers in Eotech exposes those to the elements and also accidental damage. But the single most important aspect where Aimpoint leaves behind Eotech by a great margin is battery life. While Aimpoint boasts of a phenomenal 50,000 hours of battery life, Eotech offers no competition at all by giving only 30 days of battery life. Thus, extra care and precaution must be exercised if one has an Eotech as any lapse in switching of the gadget when not in use might result in it being dead when required under urgent circumstances leading to real chaotic situation.
In Aimpoint, as it is a single bright red dot, it does not require centering that is often required in an Eotech to latch on to the target but it must be admitted that while shooting a target that is within 25-30 meters Eotech is faster and better as it provides a view of the entire target which cannot be missed if it is entirely within the square frame.

One other issue that needs to be mentioned is though Aimpoint boasts of a prodigious battery life of 50,000 hours, 3V lithium batteries are not easily available at retail outlets and that can become something of a bother once replacement of battery becomes necessary. However, such replacement might take place once in six years even if the gadget is kept permanently switched on right from the day it is purchased. So, it might not be that much of a bother when seen from a longer perspective.

But instead of passing a judgment, final choice between Aimpoint or Eotech should be left to the shooters themselves.


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